If these countries did it with the same human resources we have, but with less mineral resources, Could we do it too, with the right leadership?

I have the firm believe that our country – Guinea, with the right leadership has the potential to be among the best economies in the next 10 to 30 years not only in Africa, but in the world. We have the human resources, a young vibrant workforce, immense mineral resources, I not only believe it, but I have the capacity and I am committed to leading our country into taking that path. We’re 12 months to the elections and we are looking for partners with whom we’d like to build a fair, healthy long-term partnership. 

BAH OURY – President of UDD


often referred to as Guinea-Conakry or Rep. of Guinea, to distinguish it from the other 3 countries that have “Guinea” in their name – Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, and Papua New Guinea – is a country in West Africa, neighbouring 6 countries.

Being a former colony of France – (independent since 1958), the official language of the country is French.

This secular, multi-ethnic country with 24 ethnic groups (Fulani, Mandinka, Susu, Kissi, Kpelle, and Loma being the dominant groups) has a very rich multicultural population – estimated today to be more than 13.5 million over an area of 245,857 square kilometers.

According to Perspective – Userbrooke Canada, the population has grown to 255% in 58 years, and is forecasted to reach over 14 510 429 in 2025.

The Guinean population is relatively young, since 61.6% of Guineans are under 25 years old. This is a huge workforce potential that the current government is not tapping into, rather pushing them to exile.

According to an article published in 2018 by the French magazine “Le Monde”, Guinean nationals are the second asylum seekers in France.

Guinea is strategically located, on the coast of the ocean Atlantic, rich in mineral resources, with one of the most fertile soil for agriculture in Africa. Known as the “château d’eau de l’Afrique” (which means the water tower of Africa ) has some of the most beautiful Landscape you can find anywhere; the greenery and waterfalls, etc. Guinea has unlimited potential to reach as far and as fast as where countries like Singapore, Dubai and China have reached in the last 30 years.

BAH OURY and his team’s objectives are to do exactly that. Some of the areas we want to develop and attract partners to work with us, are:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining (exploitation and transformation)
  • Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Facilitate Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Health
  • Be the HUB for innovation, digital and new technologies, in West Africa, thus attracting the rest of the world for business as is today Dubai, Singapore, China.

Immensely Rich in mineral resources

Guinea is one of the richest countries in the world in mineral resources:

  • Bauxite: We have the world’s largest bauxite reserve (1/3 of the world’s reserves), around 40 billion tons with 40% alumina and SIO3 below 3%.
  • Iron: We have the largest untapped reserves of high-grade iron ore. Total reserves estimated at more than 25 billion tons. 
  • Gold: Several thousand tons of reserves and currently mining over 700,000 ounces per year. We are among the top 10 producers on the African continent.
  • Diamond: over 10 million of carats in reserve, and mining around 700,000 carats per year on average (2010-2015, totally artisanal production).
  • Limestone: the country has hundreds of millions of tons in reserve
  • Nickel and many other base metals. It is also worth highlighting that  other polymetallic mineral occurrences have been observed in the center and south of the country; Uranium, in the region of Firawa, between Kissioudou and Faranah.

For more information, you may visit the government website here.

Furthermore, Guinea is also one of the countries with the most fertile soil for agriculture in the region, and can grow a wide variety of crops, such as rice, corns; with an area of 24,6 million hectares, Guinea has 6,2 million hectares of arable land, of which only 50% is exploited. Of the 364.000 hectares of irrigable land, only 30.200 are currently being exploited.

The opportunities for business are endless and barely untapped.

He started his migration story in 1964, at the age of 6 to Senegal, when his family fled Sekou Toure dictatorship.

In his last year of high-school, Bah Oury won the Best Student of the Country in Senegal during its yearly National Open Competition in Mathematics, French, Philosophy and History.

Obtaining “Excellent” with his Diploma in Mathematical Sciences, he earned the support of President Léopold Sédar Senghor, who granted him Senagalese Citizenship and a Scholarship to study in Paris, France at Louis Le-Grand where majority of the French Elite was studying at that time and where he showcased his intelligence yet again.

During his time in France, he taught for a few years until President Sekou Toure died and this is when Bah Oury decided to return to Guinea, where he believed he was able to contribute in the development of the country. 

His career in Politics started 1984, ever since he’s been part of most of the most critical activities and events that would shape the political scene of Guinea for the better.

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His journey in politic

Bah Oury as Minister
of Reconciliation

In 6 months, Bah Oury has achieved milestones that will be included in Guinea History.
Key highlights:
  • Building that bridge between the government and the population
  • He publicly and officially recognized the government involvement in all political crimes committed in Guinea since our independence.
  • He also obtained the agreement from President General Lansana Conte to fully compensate the victims of the expropriation and destruction of their properties in KA PORO RAIL (unfortunately , general Lansana Conte passed December 22nd 2008 before that promise got materialised).
  • He was also able to locate and return 8 bodies of the people killed unjustly by the close presidential guards and hidden since 2000.
  • He also convinced the government to build a monument for each of the victims in their hometown.

Many of the suspects arrested were those close to General Lansana Conte, but even more surprisingly, some were close to General Sekouba Konate who led the transition which allowed Alpha Conde to become President.

Among the officers closest to Sekouba Konate were:

General Nouhou Thiam – former chief of staff of armed forces Commander Officier Sidiki Camara aka “De Gaule”, who was the ex-aide-de-camp of General Sekouba Konate, few other officers with Colonel grade: Samabagou Damankan, Issiagha Camara, Boubacar Gassimou Barry, Mohammed Sow & Lassine Doumbouya.

It was said that President Alpha Conde arrested these people for personal vendetta such as Commander Officer AOB, who was a close guard of the Former President General Lansana Conte who had put Alpha Conde in prison in the past. Other suspects were close to General Sekouba Konate, which Alpha Conde treated as a threat to his Presidency.

But accusing others such as Bah Oury, Hadja Fatou Badiar Diallo or Baba Alimou, to name just a few, are still unknown.

Bah Oury, while living in France with his family on Asylum, many of his colleagues from his party abandoned him. Some said this was an opportunity for El Hadj Cellou, who lost during the election in 2010 and 2015, to keep Bah Oury away from becoming the President UFDG thus the candidate of the party, because the  policies of the party stipulate that if any President had lost 2 terms will need to give his seat of presidency to the 1st Vice President, who in this case would have been Bah Oury.

Nonetheless, Bah Oury is known to be in politics for the democratic and national cause of the population, therefore, he pursued his political commitment to his fellow guineans and swear to do so until the country sees the change it wants so much.

In December 2015, President Alpha Conde requested to meet with Bah Oury in Paris and pardoned him. Bah Oury was happy to be able to go back but requested the president to pardon those in prison for that same matter, which Alpha Conde agreed but did not deliver. Nonetheless, Bah Oury was able to return to Conakry after 3 years.

Upon returning to Guinea, UFDG no longer welcomed him and turned down all his attempts to be around the table and discuss with El Hadj Cellou. El Hadj’s bodyguards even attempted to kill Bah Oury, which unfortunately caused Journalist Koula Diallo’s death when he tried to save Bah Oury.

Bah Oury then brought El Hadj to court twice and both times, even after El Hadj appealed, the court and Supreme Court judged to Bah Oury’s favor. Even so, El Hadj refused to accept Bah Oury.

Bah Oury didn’t go through all of this process in vain, rather he wanted the Guinean population to understand what was going on lately within UFDG ever since he left.  

After that, Bah Oury decided to move on. It was then he was proud to accept the Presidency role of UDD – a young party founded in 2011 by a group of young visionaries led y Jean Bienaime Haba. In the last few months, there have been many people joining him and the party, while many followers and key personalities of UFDG leaving. We expect that is only going to increase, people leaving UFDG to join us at UDD along with many from other parties because they see and understand our vision, principles and the will to unite and lead the country forward to where every Guinean has been dreaming of for almost a century now.

Here in UDD, Bah Oury and his team are building a young dynamic team to completely dominate the campaigns, while building relationships across the world to allow them to start work as soon as they get to the office.

The time is now to change Guinea and bring success and prosperity to its citizens, and we hope to have you as a friend and partner in this journey where we’ll build fair, healthy and beneficial partnerships that will benefit our generations to come.