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He started his migration story in 1964, at the age of 6 to Senegal, when his family fled Sekou Toure dictatorship.

In his last year of high-school, Bah Oury won the Best Student of the Country in Senegal during its yearly National Open Competition in Mathematics, French, Philosophy and History.

Obtaining “Excellent” with his Diploma in Mathematical Sciences, he earned the support of President Léopold Sédar Senghor, who granted him Senegalese Citizenship and a Scholarship to study in Paris, France at Louis Le-Grand where majority of the French Elite was studying at that time and where he showcased his intelligence yet again.

During his time in France, he taught for a few years until President Sekou Toure died and this is when Bah Oury decided to return to Guinea, where he believed he was able to contribute in the development of the country.

1984 is the beginning of Bah Oury’s many critical activities and events to shape the political scene of Guinea for the better.


Bah Oury founded a movement to raise and nurture democratic and civic awareness amongst youths. It is from this group that leaders of the student movement will emerge from 1988 – 1992. Among the notable leaders were:
  • Diallo Mustapha also known as « Musto »
  • Mamounais
  • Djan Barry
  • Dinah Bangoura
  • Yéro Baldé
  • Sadio Barry many others.

Bah Oury together with Alfa Sow later founded UFD (Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea)


27th October, Bah Oury was accused of a coup attempt and was arrested by General Lansana Conte, but was released 2 days later due to the pressure Guinean Citizens was placing on the Guinean Government, demanding Bah Oury to be released.

Soon after his release, Bah Oury continued to run UFD with his Co-Founder, Alfa Sow. And this is also the beginning of a leadership crisis which fractured the party


UFD underwent restructure and changed its acronym to UFDG. Alfa Sow moved to become Director Campaign of Alpha Conde, current President of Guinea during the elections. This is also the period where the political scene was dominated by PUP, RPG, UNR and PRP.


UFDG appointed Bah Mamadou President for two reasons:

It allows the Dean to exist politically after suffering a lost from UPR

To increase UFDG’s popularity by bringing together millions of the Dean’s followers after his death.