A Few Things To Know

About BAH Oury

Bah Oury is a prominent political figure in Guinea who has been involved in politics for over 30 years to defend the interests of the Guinean people, a commitment that remains unchanged and will never waver. Today, more than ever, he passionately believes that the Guinean population aspires to see “Guinea differently.” Therefore, it is essential to change the prevailing paradigm and consider a new path for the country’s progress, one that prioritizes the aspirations of its citizens.

I entered politics more than 30 years ago with the aim of defending the interests of the people of Guinea, and that has not changed and will never change.

“I entered politics more than 30 years ago to defend the right and interests of Guineans and this country and that has not changed and never will.”

- BAH Oury

Bah Oury’s unwavering dedication to advocating for the people of Guinea has made him a visionary leader. His passion for politics and determination to shape a better future for his fellow citizens have driven his long-standing involvement in politics.

As a forward-thinker, Bah Oury recognizes the need to reassess the current governance model and embrace a fresh approach to address the profound aspirations of the Guinean population. He advocates for a change in thinking, envisioning a “different Guinea,” where the needs and dreams of the citizens are at the core of political decisions.

With a profound conviction for his country and its people, Bah Oury is driven by a genuine desire to transform Guinea into a prosperous, equitable, and harmonious nation. He believes in the power of dialogue and international cooperation to achieve this goal while upholding the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.

Bah Oury’s bold vision for Guinea’s future, coupled with his integrity and unwavering within Guinea and, commands respect within Guinea and on the international stage. He embodies hope for positive change, and his tireless pursuit of a “different Guinea” deserves the attention and support of foreign officials seeking to promote stability, prosperity, and justice in the region.